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Project Results in the Students Research

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On June 10, 2016 students from the LASE master program in health care “Adapted Physcal Activity Specialist in Rehabilitation” defended their research papers. Research of Anastasija Alifanova “Functional Indicators of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder for Participation in Physical Activities” and Martins Campa “Functional Indicators of Children with Cerebral Palsy for Participation in Physical Activities” were part of the Norway grant project “Health and social indicators of participation in physical activities for children with disabilities” (NFI/R/2014/070) met at the LASE in Riga (Latvia). The chief investigator of the project prof. Aija Klavina supervised both research studies. Research included assessment of movement abilities and physical skills of children with functional limitations, and responses from parents’ surveys on opportunities of their children participate in daily physical activities. Study results indicated that children with autism and cerebral palsy are physically active only about 2-3 hours per week that significantly differs from recommendations of the World Health Organizations (6-7 h per week). While children were able to perform physical and movement skill tests, their performance was up to 6 times lower than age appropriate norms. Both studies received positive feedback from the evaluation committee and students were recommended for doctoral   studies.  M.Campa and A.Alifanova will present research results in the European Conference in Adapted Physical Activities in Olomouc (Czech), June 15-17, 2016.

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Prof. A.Klavina

Chief investigator of the project



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