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LASE academic staff mobility visit to the Norway

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From 5th to 2th September prof. Aija Kļavina and assistant Karina Ostrovska from the LASE attended the Norwegian School of Sport Science (NSSS) as part of the Research and Scholarship Programme (LV05) co-financed by the EEA and Norway Grants project “Innovative Physical Activity Measures in Health and Sport Science Studies” (nr.EEZ/NFI/S/2015/021). During staff mobility visit prof. Aija Kļaviņa met with the head of the Sport education department prof. Aage Radmanu, who holds this position since September 2016.  A.Klaviņa and K.Ostrovska together with researcher prof. O.Standal and researcher assistant Anja Jondal Digranes worked on research project results and discussed the development of the outline of international research manuscript. Researchers agreed about the research work design for data elaboration in the project regarding the section of qualitative indicators. A.J.Digranes will do data collection. Additionally, colleagues discussed the agenda for prof. Standal to Latvia, November 21-27.


Also, A.Klavina and K.Ostrovska met with prof. Marit Sorensen, the head of Coaching and Psychology department and with postdoc researcher and lecturer Anne-Mette Bredahl who has long term academic and research expertise in a field of inclusion. During discussion colleagues shared with experience in research studies in adapted physical activity field and agreed on future collaboration. Anne-Mette Bredahl is not just a researcher but also an athlete with visual disability who participated in Paralympic games. A.M.Bredahl will attend LASE within mobility visit on January 21-27, 2017.

At the en of week A.Kļaviņa and K.Ostrovska visited rehabilitation health center in Beitostolen ( 230 km from Oslo). Both colleagues met with Mette Lein, senior physiotherapist. They agreed on future collaboration within the health care master program “Adapted physical activity specialist in rehabilitation”. Rehabilitation center colleagues had positive feedback on Latvia students – L.Mitrone, S.Galvanovska and J.Barinova. Students completed their internship in rehabilitation center in May that followed after two months study program at the NSSS. During this visit A.Kļaviņa and K.Ostrovska participated in the national APA conference at the BHC with more than 100 participants. A.Kļaviņa gave a presentation on adapted physical activity in rehabilitation while K.Ostrovska met with hydrotherapy specialists and agreed on future collaboration with Norwegian colleagues. Also, A.Kļaviņa met the NSSS administrative staff – studies division specialist Mette Katrine Oftebro and discussed problem issues about grades and credit points, and Kaja Stene, specialist of the Research management and documentation department.

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