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On Wednesday - January 8, at the Latvian Academy of Sport Education (LASE) was an opening celebration of the first book written in Latvian about climbing sports “Climbing Sports. Theory and Practice”, released at a crucial time as the climbing sport will debut at the Olympic Games in Tokyo this year. The authors of the book are LASE Associate Professor Inga Liepiņa and Climbing Sports Coach Santa Vilka.

The book was first welcomed by climbing sports enthusiasts, representatives of the Alpinist Association, as well as managers of LASE and other sports organizations.

In addition to the authors, the event was attended by LASE Rector Professor Juris Grant, Chairman of the Sports Subcommittee, the EducationCulture and Science Committee of the Saeima of the Republic  of Latvia Sandis Riekstiņš, Latvian Olympic Committee Vice President Raimonds Bergmanis, Latvian Olympic Academy President Ivans Klementjevs, President of the Latvian Alpinist Association Mihails Pietkevičsand Chairman of the Board of “Jumava” publishing house Juris Visockis.

LASE Rector Juris Grants emphasized: “At present, the demand for good literature in the field of sport by Latvian sports and education specialists is evident, especially in relatively lesser-known and new sports. Therefore, it is gratifying that the book authors' experience and knowledge are brought together in a publication that could give practitioners of climbing a positive impetus to further develop the sport and reach new heights of excellence. ”

Mihails Pietkevičs, president of the Alpinist Association, also welcomed the book, providing a profound knowledge of the sport. “Both authors have put together the very best in the book - Inga [Liepiņa]'s enormous theoretical knowledge and assistant professor's experience with Santa [Vilka]’s practical skills and a recognized athlete experience."

In their turn, both authors emphasized that in the book they have tried not only to describe climbing disciplines, but also to provide a description of climbing athletes, not avoiding the injuries inherent in the sport. The book also brings together a variety of exercises to improve technique and physical preparedness, used by well-known climbers worldwide.

The authors told that the book could be used by sports science students and climbing coaches, as well as by experienced athletes and other professionals, to supplement their knowledge of various training methods, including those used by high-class climbers.

Based on the research findings of sports scientists, the publication provides an insight into the sport of climbing and its disciplines, as well as shows practical exercises for athletes' special physical preparedness for the improvement of climbing techniques, including warm-up and cool-down exercises. The reader will also find information about games and movement games on and off the climbing wall.

There are also tips on psychological and tactical preparation in climbing, on fingers and hand taping, and ethical issues for athletes and coaches.

Author of the book Inga Liepiņa has been working with children and young people, including LASE students, for more than 20 years, conducting sports tourism and climbing activities, and Santa Vilka, acting as a climbing trainer for youth center "Daugmale", has several times been Latvian, Baltic and Russian champion in sport climbing and mountaineering, as well as has participated in the European and World Championships.

The book is being published in accordance with the strategic partnership agreement signed in 2018 between LASE and publishing house “Jumava” about cooperation in the creation and publication of books, dedicated to sports.

"Climbing Sports" is available in the "Jumava" marketing chain and on online shopping site

Information prepared by:

LASE Public Relations and Communication Manager

Ilze Āķe-Vīksne, 29445209

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PHOTO: Romāns Kokšarovs, f64



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