On February 5, the Latvian Academy of Sport Education hosted an international scientific conference "SPORT SCIENCE AND HEALTH CARE IN SPORT 2020", IN WHICH more than 60 sports science and health care professionals, scientists, university lecturers and students presented to the general public their research and experience in different sports. in areas ranging from pedagogy to technology in health care and sport. A total of 42 scientific studies were presented.

Opening the conference, LASE Rector Professor Juris Grants acknowledged that the Academy is undergoing an tense but at the same time very interesting period, as this year it implements 17 different level projects aimed at strengthening LASE academic, research and infrastructure capacity to prepare for sports field labor market adequate level specialists.

“As we continue the LASE modernization process, we are all looking forward to the launch of the new Health Care in Sport Research Center (VASIC), which will host research into sports and health science using state-of-the-art research technology and equipment, ” saidGrants.

Participants also had the opportunity to visit the emerging VASIC to see the currently installed scientific equipment for sports and healthcare.

Professor Antanas Skarbalius from the Sports University of Lithuania made a presentation at the conference plenary session with a report on the monitoring of external and internal load in team sports.

Andra Fernāte, a LASE professor, and Anna Zuša, a leading researcher, provided a report on the anthropometric parameters and physical activity of the inhabitants of Latvia, obtained in the framework of European Union Erasmus + Sports Partnership Cooperation Project "European Physical Activity and Sports Monitoring System (EUPASMOS)” for inhabitant anthropometric parameters and physical activity”.

The conference was organized in three discussion groups:

- Room 409 - "Sport Pedagogy, Psychology, Leadership and Communication" (supervised by Assoc. Prof. Signe Luika and leading Researcher Monta Jakovļeva) - 12 reports

- Room 408 - "Physical Activity" (supervised by: Prof. Ilze Avotiņa, Prof. Jeļena Solovjova) - 17 reports

- Room 400 – “Medical, Biological and Biomechanical Aspects of Sport and Health” (supervised by Prof. Alvis Paeglītis, Prof. Jānis Lanka, Assoc. Prof. Zinta Galeja) - 13 reports.

We thank the organizers of the conference - the LASE Science Department, especially its leader Una Gūtmane, for the well-organized work of the conference, as well as Professor Jānis Žīdens , Vice-Rector of Research and Development for their support in organizing the conference.

Information prepared by:

LASE Public Relations and Communication Manager

Ilze Āķe-Vīksne, 29445209