Certificate (college level) professional higher education program “Education and Sport Specialist” (41813)

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Code: 41813
Professional qualification to be acquired: a coach (a trainer) of a kind of sport
Program accredited: up to December, 31, 2023 
Study typeFull time studies
Study length: 2 years
Program amount: 80 CP (120 ECTS)
Tuition fee (per year)1960 EUR /year

Study language: English (for foreign students)
Program directorILONA BLEKTE
Phone: +371 67543420   e-mail: 
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  LASE, Build A, 2nd floor, room 223

Contact persons:

International Relations Center, e-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Program aim:

  1. To train sports coaches (trainers), to promote their mental and physical development, to develop a free, responsible and creative individual.
  2. To provide conditions and promote future coaches’ (trainers’) acquiring of knowledge and skills in correspondence with sports coach fourth qualification level standard requirements, to facilitate development of competitive professionals.
  3. To facilitate motivation to further educate to acquire second level professional higher education and fifth level professional qualification.

Program content:

General pedagogy
Adult pedagogy
General psychology
Development psychology
Sport psychology
Sport philosophy
Professional ethics
Basics of business
Management theory
Project development
Basics of law
Basics of physiology
Age physiology
Sport physiology

Basics of biochemistry
Sport medicine
Basics of training theory (children, youth)
Basics of sports biomechanics
Sport theory
Sport history

Sport management
Sport training theory, methodology and pedagogical development
Basics and didactics of gymnastics
Basics and didactics of acrobatics
Basics and didactics of aerobics
Basics and didactics of track and field athletics
Basics and didactics of handball
Basics and didactics of volleyball
Basics and didactics of basketball

Basics of professional communication
Camp study

Basics of athletic conditioning
Outdoor games and plays
Basics of wrestling
Nutrition study

Nutrition and physical load
Basics of public speech
Sports in multicultural environment

Sports ecology and civil defense
Practice (Internship)

Final examinations:
State final examination – qualification examination, which includes:

  1. Working out and defence of the Qualification Paper.
  2. State final examination in specialty.

Further education possibilityto study inProfessional Bachelor higher education program „SPORT SCIENCE” (Code 42813)