Professor Oyvind Standal visits the LASE.

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From 21 till 27 of November the Norwegian School of Sport Science professor and researcher Ojvids Standals attended the Latvian Academy of Sport Education (LASE) to meet with researchers of the scientific project “Health and Social Indicators of Participation in Physical Activities for Children with Disabilities” (NFI/R/2014/070) and the academic personnel from the sport science and health care programs at the LASE. In collaboration with research project colleagues scientists worked on the project data and publication. O.Standal had the lecture for the LASE doctoral and health care master students about qualitative research methods used in sport and health care research. Visit was held within EEZ/Norwegian financial tool co-financed project implementation activity “Scholarships” project “Innovative measurement of physical activity in health care and sport science studies” (nr. EEZ/NFI/S/2015/021).

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